Waukesha County, Wisconsin


As the third-most populous county in Wisconsin and experiencing continual growth each year, Waukesha County needed a strategy that was sustainable and cost-effective. Known for “leading the way” through economic and environmental stewardship, they are on their 13th consecutive year recycling their roads with Hot In-Place Recycling and have contracted nearly 2MM SYs worth since 2005.


Waukesha County is continuing to receive more truck traffic than ever before. They needed a solution to add additional structure and address their biggest challenge—fixing the roads’ reflective cracking beforehand. Responsible for over 400 miles of highways, they needed to find a way to stretch their budget and fix as many roads as possible each year.


Waukesha County put their plan into action, utilizing the HIR process to heat and recycle the existing asphalt in-place, resulting in an estimated $80,000-$140,000 savings per mile. HIR not only provided a solution to further retard the roads’ reflective cracking by performing the process before adding the necessary structural 2” overlay of hotmix, but it also saved time and money.