Watonwan County, MN


Watonwan County was looking for a solution to pave their shoulders more economically. After stopping by a booth at a show Watonwan County believed Hot In-Place Recycling could be a solution.


Watonwan County needed a cost-effective solution to rehabilitate their roadways. More importantly, they needed a solution to repair their HMA shoulders before rehabbing their Chip Seal Roadways. After establishing their pavement plans and evaluating their Asset Management it was very clear that Watonwan could not keep up with their repairs at the current cost of HMA.

Gallagher Solutions

Watonwan called Gallagher to explore Hot In-Place Recycling. Watonwan was pleased to discover that Gallagher Asphalt’s Hot In-Place Recycling Process could improve more than just the HMA Shoulders. In 2022 Gallagher recycled 19 miles of HMA shoulders. After the successes in 2022, Watonwan once again turned to Gallagher Asphalt for roadway rehabilitation. In 2023 Gallagher recycled 28 miles of Chip Seal Roadway. The moral of the story? Gallagher helped Watonwan County rehabilitate over 47 combined miles of HMA AND Chip Seal Roadway.