Kankakee Township, IL


The Kankakee Township Commissioner recognized that his dollar was not going as far as it had in the past and he was falling behind on his pavement upkeep. He reached out to Gallagher to inquire about Hot In-Place Recycling as a solution to some of his woes.


Kankakee Township was looking to extend their dollar for their road program. The agency felt there were more solutions than the “traditional” mill and overlay to extend their dollar.

Gallagher Solutions

Gallagher Asphalt Hot In-Place Recycled 2miles of roadway that was then capped with 1.5 inches of HMA to add structural integrity to one of the main roadways in the township and two subdivision streets. Because of HIR and the overlay the main thoroughfare will last longer than a traditional mill and overlay and the cost was less. Talk about a solution!