Hot in Place Recycling
FHWA-Approved Pavement
Preservation Technique
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Recycle your roads. Spend less. No-brainer.

It hardly seems possible that what we think of as the good old days in road resurfacing are not that far back in the rearview mirror. But times have changed, and only a serious shift in how we all do business will allow municipalities and motorists to enjoy safe, decent roads when times are tight.

Practicing preventive maintenance throughout the life of a surface can extend its years and also dramatically reduce long-term costs. Hot In-Place recycling goes a long way to achieve that end. You save money, the environment, and enjoy a long list of other great benefits. Hot In-Place recycling does more than just reduce costs by rejuvenating surfaces to good-as-new condition.

Hot In-Place is a proven resurfacing method that can literally stretch a finite amount of money—further.

  • Do the math on a current project. You’ll quickly realize how our ability to take your resurfacing dollars up to 40% further may be just what you need to get many of your jobs done rather than putting them off.
  • Hot In-Place recycling is an intelligent, low-cost maintenance strategy that yields the same benefits as traditional resurfacing using existing materials.
  • Recognized as a Department of Transportation Approved Process in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Oregon and various other states, Hot In-Place typically qualifies for state and federal funding.
  • Hot In-Place Recycling technology reduces the overall carbon footprint by 28% versus conventional “Mill & Fill” resurfacing and reduces overall trucking needs by 50-100%. Download the comparison study here.

Rethink. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Hot In-Place is an environmentally friendly process in so many ways. In addition to the dramatic benefit of being able to recycle 100% of your existing pavement, you have an added bonus of reducing user delays.

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